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10:50 AM - 12:05 PM
Annual class fee: $177

Fusion is GCHFA’s showcase Jazz Band. In addition to Monday’s rehearsals, the group participates regularly in gigs around the Sarasota area. Fusion requires a significant time commitment, but with a high reward and a glimpse into the professional world. 

Fusion is open to students who are currently enrolled in an Advanced-Level musical group at GCHFA.* Repertoire is very challenging and includes a variety of styles such as popular tunes, energetic arrangements of religious works, and jazz. An audition is required for all students enrolling in this band. Jazz Theory is included in the class fee as an extension of Fusion and should be added during the enrollment process. 

*Exceptions may be made for individual situations.




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Audition Material

Please note that this is a highly competitive ensemble with limited instrumentation, and therefore limited spots. Students are highly encouraged to audition, however an audition does not guarantee admittance.

Use the Audition Checklist to make sure your child is prepared!

Please note that you may register for a class prior to auditioning.

Fusion Jazz Band: List
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