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WindStars |  Ages 7-9

10:00am - 10:55am

Annual class fee: $200 (includes book and mouthpiece; instrument will be provided for student to use)

WindStars serves as a pre-band instrumental program designed to impart vital music principles and instrumental techniques in readiness for Beginning Band. Students will select one of four Nuvo wind instruments to study over the course of the year. This class aims to better equip younger students in both skill and confidence as they transition into Beginning Band. Instruments include the jFlute, jSax, Clarineo, & jHorn.

Prerequisites: Students must have at least one year of experience with the recorder or must be turning nine by September of the upcoming school year. 

Objectives: Students will prep for band and strengthen note reading, rhythms, basic theory, basics for wind instruments such as clarinet, flute, trumpet, euphonium, and saxophone. Students will develop lung strength and learn practice techniques. The class will include concentrated small group instruction as well as playing in a full ensemble.

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