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About Us

Who We Are

GCHFA (Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts) was founded in 2010 to offer top-quality, affordable music programs to homeschooled students on Florida's Gulf Coast. Based in Sarasota, Florida, GCHFA is a non-profit organization offering multiple levels of band, orchestra, recorder, theory, choir, and more.​

From assisting beginning students just learning to play a new instrument through developing advanced skills for experienced, proficient musicians, GCHFA provides an environment of focused learning and practical application at both the individual and group levels.  Our dedicated instructors, consisting of professional Sarasota Orchestra musicians, tenured teachers and accredited professors with years of experience, offer unparalleled instruction for each student.  

GCHFA's programs are designed to foster unity and build relationships, support an interactive atmosphere, model a disciplined lifestyle, and develop genuine character to serve God and others. Please explore our site for more about GCHFA, contact us with any questions, and join us this year for a wonderful musical experience!

How We Learn


GCHFA offers classes for multiple types of ensembles and levels. Our highly qualified instructors, consisting of professional Sarasota Orchestra musicians, tenured teachers, and accredited professors with years of experience will work with beginners in small groups to help them learn faster.


Music Theory helps students understand the "what" and "why" behind music. By taking our Beginning Music Theory class, the learning process will be hastened. The course is included in Beginning Band and Applied Strings ages 9+, but other students are encouraged to join as well.


Private lessons are never required to be in GCHFA, but are extremely beneficial! If a student wants to begin learning an instrument prior to classes starting, taking lessons will provide a head start and build good habits. Many of our instructors offer private lessons! Learn about them below:

Homeschool musicians play wind instruments in a concert band

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