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Beginning Orchestra

1:10 PM - 2:30 PM
Annual class fee: $180

Beginning Orchestra is designed for students who have had at least one year of Applied Strings Class or have played their instrument for at least one year. Students who complete a year of Applied Strings may audition for Beginning Orchestra the following year. Students new to GCHFA who have played at least one year on their instrument will be required to audition prior to joining this group. See Resources tab on the GCHFA website for audition material.


During this class, students will continue to learn music theory, working in Essential Elements 2000 Book 1, begin working in Essential Elements 2000 Book 2, and playing fun pieces from the beginning of the year as a group. They will also have opportunities during their class time to work individually or in smaller groups with section instructors to improve their skills and help them become more confident musicians.

Audition Material

Students are welcome to audition for any level of ensemble, however it is left to the committee’s discretion to place a student in the group that is ultimately best for their personal growth.


Please note that you may register for a class prior to auditioning.

Beginning Orchestra: List
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