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Jazz Lab

Ages 10+
Mondays, 9:40 - 11:00am
Annual Class Fee: $180 [was $540]

Jaclyn Winters

Jazz Lab is an exciting and dynamic class designed for students eager to delve into the fundamentals of jazz within a collaborative jazz ensemble setting. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the essential elements of jazz, including proper jazz articulation, tone production, improvisation, jazz scales, and various subgenres of jazz including, swing, latin, rock, and jazz fusion. Throughout the semester, students will engage in various practice routines and listening exercises aimed at enhancing their skills and deepening their understanding of jazz music.
Jazz Lab is an ideal opportunity for those wishing to explore a secondary jazz instrument or for individuals seeking to gain more experience on their primary instrument. This class will prepare students with the foundational skills necessary for future participation in more advanced ensembles, such as Fusion. To ensure a beneficial and cohesive learning environment, acceptance into Intermediate Band and approval from an instructor are prerequisites for enrollment.

Class Highlights

- Fundamentals of jazz
- Improvisation and soloing techniques
- Listening assignments
- Preparation for Fusion

Required Materials

- Instrument
- Black music stand
- Essential Elements of Jazz - Book 1
- Pencil
- Account on Google Classroom
- Concert black attire

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