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Ages 11+
Mondays, 11:15am - 12:45pm
Annual Class Fee: $300 [was $900]

Instructor: Jaclyn Winters

Fusion is GCHFA’s premier jazz ensemble, designed for the most dedicated and talented young musicians. This elite group is exclusively open to students currently enrolled in an Advanced-level ensemble at GCHFA. Aspiring members must undergo a rigorous audition process held at the beginning of May to secure their place in this prestigious group.
The repertoire for Fusion is challenging and diverse, featuring an eclectic mix of jazz styles including swing, Latin, funk, rock, and more. Students will be pushed to explore the technical intricacies and artistic nuances of each genre, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching musical experience.
Fusion rehearses throughout the summer, providing continuous opportunities for growth and mastery. The ensemble performs approximately once a month throughout the school year at various venues around Sarasota, showcasing their talent and hard work to the community. Additionally, Fusion participates in the Jazz Music Performance Assessment (MPA), offering students a platform to receive professional feedback and recognition for their efforts.
Fusion is more than just a class—it's an opportunity for young musicians to push their boundaries, refine their skills, and shine on a professional stage. Join Fusion and become part of a legacy of musical excellence at GCHFA.

Class Highlights

- Audition-based ensemble
- Challenging repertoire
- Multiple performance opportunities
- Special guest clinicians
- Collaborative environment
- Yearly Music Performance Assessment (MPA)

Required Materials

Required materials are to be provided by the family before the first day:
- Instrument
- Black music stand
- Wet-erase marker (provided by GCHFA)
- Fusion music folder (provided by GCHFA).

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