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Beginning Band

Ages 10+
Mondays, 1:00 - 2:00pm
Annual Fee: $180 (was $540)
(annual fee includes Music Theory 1 from 12:20 - 12:50pm)

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is an exciting course designed for students with little to no prior music experience. Students will start their musical education in small group sessions, allowing for personalized attention and tailored instruction with other students learning their same instrument. This setting ensures that each student can gain confidence and competence on their chosen instrument before being placed in a large ensemble. As they advance, students will come together in the full band, experiencing the joy and camaraderie of making music as part of a larger ensemble.

During the week, students will be required to submit playing tests through Essential Elements Interactive, ensuring that they are using proper technique, tone, rhythm, articulation, etc. throughout the course of their daily practice. Their playing tests will be reviewed by their instructor, and students will receive feedback to affirm correct technique or help tweak the mistakes to help build good practicing habits. Those who excel in their playing tests and finish early may receive the opportunity to advance to a higher level group at a more rapid pace.

Throughout the course, students will work towards two performance opportunities–the GCHFA Winter and Spring Concerts–where they can showcase their newly acquired skills. These performances are designed to be supportive and encouraging, offering students a chance to celebrate their progress and share their achievements with family and friends.

Class Highlights

- Introduction to fundamental music/concert band skills and techniques
- Personalized instruction in small, focused group settings
- Progression to full band participation as fundamentals are developed
- Two performance opportunities to showcase student growth
- Supportive learning environment
- Accountability throughout the week
- Fosters teamwork, discipline, and a love for music


No prior music experience is required!

Required Materials

(Must be provided by the family before the first day)
- Instrument
- Black music stand
- Essential Elements 2000 Book 1
- Pencil
- Account on Essential Elements Interactive
- Optional subscription to Smart Music (highly recommended)

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