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Advanced Band

Ages 10+
Mondays, 2:00 - 3:30pm
Annual Class Fee: $180
Instructor: Jaclyn Winters

Advanced Band

The Advanced Band at GCHFA is the pinnacle of our concert band program, designed for our most dedicated and skilled musicians. Students are accepted into this ensemble by audition only, ensuring that only the most proficient and passionate performers are selected. As members of the Advanced Band, students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents during the GCHFA Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as participate in the highly-regarded Concert Music Performance Assessment (MPA), which is a mandatory event for all members.

In the Advanced Band, students will refine their musical abilities through an intensive curriculum that focuses on advanced sight reading, tone production, and technical proficiency. The ensemble provides a supportive yet challenging environment where students can push their boundaries and achieve new heights in their musical journey. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, members will explore a diverse repertoire, from classical masterpieces to contemporary works, all while developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art of music.

During the week, students will be required to submit playing tests and listening homework through Google Classroom, ensuring that they are using proper technique, tone, rhythm, articulation, etc. throughout the course of their daily practice, as well as actively familiarizing themselves with the timbre and blend of professional recordings of their performance repertoire. Their playing tests and homework will be reviewed by their instructor, and students will receive feedback to affirm correct technique or help tweak the mistakes to help build good practicing habits.
Participation in the Advanced Band is not just about performance; it is also about growth and camaraderie. Students will work collaboratively, learning the importance of teamwork and discipline, while also having the chance to shine individually through solos and small group performances. This experience is designed to prepare students for future musical endeavors, whether they continue on to collegiate-level bands or pursue a lifelong passion for music. Join the Advanced Band and become part of a tradition of excellence and musical distinction at GCHFA.

Class Highlights

- Weekly full band rehearsals
- Multiple performance opportunities
- Yearly Music Performance Assessment (MPA)
- Special guest clinicians
- Accountability throughout the week
- Student leadership opportunities


Students must audition to be in this group

Required Materials

- Instrument
- Black music stand
- Essential Elements 2000 - Book 3
- Pencil
- Account on Google Classroom

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