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Intermediate Band

Ages 10+
Mondays, 2:15 - 3:45pm
Annual Class Fee: $180
Instructor: Robert Stiles

Intermediate Band

Intermediate Band is specially designed for students who have a foundational understanding of their chosen instrument and are eager to advance their musical skills. Students will immerse themselves in continuing music techniques and artistry, honing their abilities in a collaborative, full band setting. Our goal is to not only improve technical proficiency but also to deepen the students' musical artistry and appreciation for music.

Throughout the course, students will engage in a variety of activities that promote both individual growth and group cohesion. They will explore more complex musical pieces, work on refining their tone, and improve their sight-reading skills. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on ensemble playing, encouraging students to listen to each other and blend their sounds harmoniously.
During the week, students will be required to submit playing tests through Essential Elements Interactive, ensuring that they are using proper technique, tone, rhythm, articulation, etc. throughout the course of their daily practice. Their playing tests will be reviewed by their instructor, and students will receive feedback to affirm correct technique or help tweak the mistakes to help build good practicing habits.

To showcase their progress, students will participate in two performance opportunities--the GCHFA Winter and Spring Concerts. These events are designed to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their hard work and to experience the thrill of live performance. It is a chance for them to gain confidence, receive constructive feedback, and celebrate their musical journey with friends, family, and the community.

Class Highlights

- Weekly full band rehearsals
- Ensemble playing and group cohesion
- Exploration of more complex musical pieces
- Technique building
- Tone refinement
- Sight-reading improvement
- Exposure to various musical genres
- Two performance opportunities to showcase progress


- Instructor approval to progress after at least one year in Beginning Band
- Students who learned an instrument outside of GCHFA are required to audition on August 12, 2024. Schedule an audition here:

Required Materials

- Instrument
- Black music stand
- Essential Elements 2000 - Book 2
- Pencil
- Account on Essential Elements Interactive
- Optional subscription to Smart Music (highly recommended)

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