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Jazz Lab is an exciting and dynamic class designed for students eager to delve into the fundamentals of jazz within a collaborative jazz ensemble setting. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to proper jazz articulation, tone production, improvisation, jazz scales, and various subgenres of jazz including swing, latin, rock, and jazz fusion. 

Jazz Lab is an ideal opportunity for those wishing to explore a secondary jazz instrument or for individuals seeking to gain more experience on their primary instrument. This class will prepare students with the foundational skills necessary for future participation in more advanced ensembles, such as Fusion. To ensure a beneficial and cohesive learning environment, acceptance into Intermediate Band and approval from an instructor are prerequisites for enrollment.

Class HighlightS

  • Full Concert Band Experience

  • Technique Building

  • Tone Refinement

  • Sight-reading Improvement

  • Performance Opportunities


  • Instructor approval to progress after at least one year in Beginning Band

  • Students who were not approved by instructors may audition in order to be accepted into Intermediate Band

  • Students who learned an instrument outside of GCHFA are required to audition on August 12, 2024. Schedule an audition here (include link to audition scheduling)

Age: 10+

Time: Mondays, 9:40 - 11:00am
Annual class fee: $180*

Instructor: Jaclyn Winters

Jazz Lab

*Classes would be 3x this price without the generosity of our annual donors!

A yearly, non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 per student is due at time of registration;

this fee will increase to $125 on July 29, and to $135 on August 31.

Class Highlights

  • Fundamentals of Jazz

  • Improvisation and Soloing Techniques

  • Listening Assignments

  • Preparation for Fusion

  • Performance Opportunities

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